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Experiences of medical school

Friends, congratulations and welcome, you are the cream of the society who has got selected to be the saviour of life and thank for the holistic approach you got in your life.
Its totally worth to undergo anything if you are going to be the aftergod figure. Here i will share you with the approach you should have with you before being in a medical school which will sail you through the course pretty easily.
The medical school on your first step inside the college creates a difference in the way people take you from now. Your presitge will rise in the whole society but to be frank its only outside the college, inside the college as a freshman you are still the same and ofcourse almost everyone is an experienced medic inside. But not to worry, you will get the best. Here i will share the moments of the medical college and hope you enjoy.

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Exams are the worst nightmares of a medical student, every now and then, table test, internals, university exams and it doesnot seem to end throughout the 4.5 years. But after the first year, you come to know how to deal with the exams.
On careful analysis, you will find out that the problem is not about the exams but main problem is the huge looming syllabus and the books, which seem to be one better than the other. You cannot decide till last from where to read. To overcome this problem, here are the books you should refer.

Yea there are many future doctors also who do night outs to pass the exams and we are better than engineers at it. When you have not studied throughout the year, donot worry, its never late to start and you can pass. Just keep these things in mind-
‌Stick to the book which you have used throughout the year and donot choose a new book at the last time.
‌Get the previous year papers and practice the last 3 years papers atleast twice. If you got time, give one more revision to the question papers and then try more previous years papers.
‌Be calm, and build up the confidence.
‌Maintain a good distance from the smartphones, it is the biggest distraction.

About me

Am a medical student, studying in India. I faced quiet difficulty while in 1st year as the whole scenario is different than the high school. So, i tried to help out my friends in medicine to lay the foundation.


For any queries, or any other issue, feel free to contact-
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Although i have tried to give my full attention and tried to cover the topics for first year but there are still patches to fill up, i know. So if you wamt anything to know then comment and i will try to add that matter.

How To Study?

How to study?
Donot forget to make small notebooks for every topic it would be better and try diagrams i anatomy , flowcharts in physiology, cycles in biochemistry. In short this is how you would learn with continuous efforts. Passing exam is a thing of not more than one week.
In first year some students even start preparing for  NEET-PG  but relax and just enjoy what is required for you because if you burn out so early you will have tough time.
For note making you will find the matter is huge and difficult to prepare notes but try to make notes they are very helpful. But reading from book is not a bad idea and can be completed in a very small time. For note making, if you can manage, try SQ3C Method.

What To Study?

What to study?
For individual subjects i have told the studying method alongwith the post on the subjects.
But you need to maintain a habit of studying daily in the medical school. Doctors are lifelong learners. You should be regular with the studies.

In your first year, at times you will feel very bad about the huge syllabus and no understanding, just to learn but donot worry you will soon get the clinical subjects in second year and you will feel satisfaction in soul after looking the cured patients that you are truely nobel.
Books -
In india
 Anatomy best book is by Vishram singh if you want with some understanding and reproduce in exams. But if you want to learn then read AK Dutta, but problem is you will have to read twice at first time you will understand nothing and at second time you will forget nothing.
For physiology Indu Khurana is best as it explains everything and in the simplest manner. A K Jain and  GK Pal are also good books but things are not in well connected in A K Jain and noone turns pages again and again. In G K Pal the things are bit complex although matter is good.
For biochemistry, prefer Satyanarayan over Vasudevan. Lippincott's is the best but in india even Satyanarayan will do i suggest it because teachers and everyone else will refer you the local authors.

About The Blog

I have tried to give a holistic approach to help the students in their first year of medicine because it is completely a new environment away from home for first time. There is confidence of doing something extraordinary in college but soon our freshers are overburdened with huge syllabus and they learn that inside everyone is same and they are not respected as how they are seen by people outside medical schools.
So, i tried to give a platform for how to study in first year as you will feel it most difficult to sail through. But donot worry, i have provided you with free resources here which are of best quality and completely authentic.
 I have also tried to figure out the best studying strategies check it in how to study section.
Any valuable feedback is welcome just leave a comment here or send your feedback at my email-


Yes you will again have some tough times here not because you will not understand but you will not remember anything. So again here is a wonderful lecture series by-
Dr. Najeeb on biochemistry, each and everything is explained very good.
For better remembering make charts of cycles and processes and paste them everywhere you see on the walls of your room. Yes, it willhelp you a lot because you have to learn here no other choice. The subject is very volatile so either the students study it only before exams or give regular readings because you cannot study it and remember for a long time.

How to study?
Best method to study any cycle or flow chart is-
1. Write down the steps at first and go through them atleast twice.
2. Now insert the enzymes involved and study it again.
3. At last add the energetics and remember the reversible steps.
 I assure you will find it easy to study the complex metabolic processes.


You will not face much difficulty in understanding this because here everything is conceptual and logical as well as you are well versed with the phenomenons in your high school but now they are just in some depth.
The processes are simple and you can easily understand them. But it would be better if you use these online resources available-
Dr. Najeeb's lectures - these are freely available at youtube. These are fantastic.
For the practicals visit


Friends, this is a new subject to every first year student and donot panic. You will be surprised to know the internal body of your body and more surprised when you come to know that you have to learn everything that where that nerve came from, where that artery curved, where this muscle is originating from, where it is inserting? And everything in this world you can think of...

But donot worry i will tell you the secrets which are going to help you a lot and to be frank they will reduce your headache to a lot but you have to work hard and be regular with them.
Approach to the subject-
Seriously if you want to learn anatomy from your textbooks they are not going to make you remember it for long but yes you will pass with good scores.  For convenience i will divide anatomy in branches and tell their individual approach.
*If you want to suceed and retain the matter then draw as much diagrams as you can. I inserted this line here because it is the basis which will make anatomy easy to recall.
*Read general anatomy(the anatomical terms and type of bones, joints etc. common things.)
1.Gross anatomy-
So to start with any topic of gross anatomy the first requirement will be to see the structure and best would be any atlas of human anatomy, the famous ones are Netter's, Grant's and everyone is probably familiar with them. It gives you a photogeneric memory and exactly what you will see during dissection.
Donot try to learn it but just casually see and read the name of the structures before going to lecture and you will have an idea what the professor is talking about.
A must to understand things is to see the acland's video and you will be very much familiar with each and everything it is a must and can be seen or downloaded from here. Even if you donot follow any other advice please watch these videos.
For the theory, standard books have a complicated language and hard to understand for a freshman so now with the idea of structures take the textbook it would help you. Standard books are gold reference means whatever they have is final and fully researched, updated material, they give you a holistic approach and combine things. Textbooks are designed as syllabus books not focus on integration of body as a whole but tells you about the parts and reproduce the material in exams.
If you really want a perfection try to read one more textbook and then go for standard textbook it will thoroughly help you out and clear the picture.
Or even after reading one textbook you can switch to standard book. If you feel any special interest in some part then directly find about it in standard book for deep reading and finding more cool facts about that.
Overall the standard book is to understand the subject and textbook is to score.

2. Osteology- It is quite easy and you can easily understand it but better to take a look, before attending lecture, in the atlas and you can easily learn it.  Acland's video will help you a lot here also. Osteology is first part to be studied before studying any part.
3. Embryology- This is much complicated and you will have to imagine each and everything. For this there is this wonderful website
4. Histology- For histology, you need to compare the structures in microscope with those in the atlas of histology.
A trick to learn them is try to see the slide without microscope and many a times you can figure out the structure yes you read right try to do it and in many slides you can easily see that it is a small version of the organ on slide.

To summarise the best online sources are available are listed as follows (I myself has searched a lot on internet and these are best free sources i could find)-
Acland's video(for Osteology and gross anatomy)
Teach me anatomy (for theory and understanding)
*But you shouldnot leave the offline resources, your books, because you feel like that these are much more than everything.
Thanks and tell if you face any problem in comments i will try to sort it out to my best.

You can see the vishram singh anatomy here


Hell yes!
I myself am a medical student and i understood what are we searching for in first year of medical school.
I was completely on seventh clouds after the hard work paid off with a seat in medical school for me.
But after somedays you will realise that something more huge than what you finished is approaching and the exams will be a every day stuff for you.
The main thing which gives you nightmare is the anatomy because it is something we are studying for first time. All the muscle origin, insertions and the osteology, embryology, histology, yes, everything from theory changes to practical. But it can be easily maintained through some useful resources and i am going to provide you the resources which i guarantee you not to waste your precious time.
For individual subjects there might be different sources but the best i have tried to provide you.
All the study methods which are gone to help you are being concluded here.
And with your suggestions you can contribute and it would be great if you would like to give us feedback for improvement and what new things be added.

Experiences of medical school

Friends, congratulations and welcome, you are the cream of the society who has got selected to be the saviour of life and thank for the holi...