Friday, 12 May 2017


Hell yes!
I myself am a medical student and i understood what are we searching for in first year of medical school.
I was completely on seventh clouds after the hard work paid off with a seat in medical school for me.
But after somedays you will realise that something more huge than what you finished is approaching and the exams will be a every day stuff for you.
The main thing which gives you nightmare is the anatomy because it is something we are studying for first time. All the muscle origin, insertions and the osteology, embryology, histology, yes, everything from theory changes to practical. But it can be easily maintained through some useful resources and i am going to provide you the resources which i guarantee you not to waste your precious time.
For individual subjects there might be different sources but the best i have tried to provide you.
All the study methods which are gone to help you are being concluded here.
And with your suggestions you can contribute and it would be great if you would like to give us feedback for improvement and what new things be added.

Experiences of medical school

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