Friday, 12 May 2017

About The Blog

I have tried to give a holistic approach to help the students in their first year of medicine because it is completely a new environment away from home for first time. There is confidence of doing something extraordinary in college but soon our freshers are overburdened with huge syllabus and they learn that inside everyone is same and they are not respected as how they are seen by people outside medical schools.
So, i tried to give a platform for how to study in first year as you will feel it most difficult to sail through. But donot worry, i have provided you with free resources here which are of best quality and completely authentic.
 I have also tried to figure out the best studying strategies check it in how to study section.
Any valuable feedback is welcome just leave a comment here or send your feedback at my email-

Experiences of medical school

Friends, congratulations and welcome, you are the cream of the society who has got selected to be the saviour of life and thank for the holi...