Friday, 12 May 2017

What To Study?

What to study?
For individual subjects i have told the studying method alongwith the post on the subjects.
But you need to maintain a habit of studying daily in the medical school. Doctors are lifelong learners. You should be regular with the studies.

In your first year, at times you will feel very bad about the huge syllabus and no understanding, just to learn but donot worry you will soon get the clinical subjects in second year and you will feel satisfaction in soul after looking the cured patients that you are truely nobel.
Books -
In india
 Anatomy best book is by Vishram singh if you want with some understanding and reproduce in exams. But if you want to learn then read AK Dutta, but problem is you will have to read twice at first time you will understand nothing and at second time you will forget nothing.
For physiology Indu Khurana is best as it explains everything and in the simplest manner. A K Jain and  GK Pal are also good books but things are not in well connected in A K Jain and noone turns pages again and again. In G K Pal the things are bit complex although matter is good.
For biochemistry, prefer Satyanarayan over Vasudevan. Lippincott's is the best but in india even Satyanarayan will do i suggest it because teachers and everyone else will refer you the local authors.

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