Sunday, 28 May 2017


Exams are the worst nightmares of a medical student, every now and then, table test, internals, university exams and it doesnot seem to end throughout the 4.5 years. But after the first year, you come to know how to deal with the exams.
On careful analysis, you will find out that the problem is not about the exams but main problem is the huge looming syllabus and the books, which seem to be one better than the other. You cannot decide till last from where to read. To overcome this problem, here are the books you should refer.

Yea there are many future doctors also who do night outs to pass the exams and we are better than engineers at it. When you have not studied throughout the year, donot worry, its never late to start and you can pass. Just keep these things in mind-
‌Stick to the book which you have used throughout the year and donot choose a new book at the last time.
‌Get the previous year papers and practice the last 3 years papers atleast twice. If you got time, give one more revision to the question papers and then try more previous years papers.
‌Be calm, and build up the confidence.
‌Maintain a good distance from the smartphones, it is the biggest distraction.

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